How We Started

Our Journey

Sparkly Wallpaper begun when Peter To discovered an interesting textured wallpaper made from mica or ‘vermiculite’. After decorating his own lounge with the beautiful wallpaper, he began to experiment with different colours for his other properties. And so begun his exciting journey in sourcing mica wallpaper to his clients in the property industry and the rest of the UK market.

Since the birth of Sparkly Wallpaper, we have grown our range of beautiful, luxurious colours. Our wall coverings have become popular with large interior design projects within luxury new build properties, as well as with retailers and interior designers.


About Our Wallpaper

Our Product

Our luxurious textured wall coverings feature shimmering, glittering Mica. Mica is a mineral formed from a chemical reaction between quartz and granite. It has a luxurious 3D texture that reflects light and creates a stunning effect. Perfect for the world’s most glamorous wall coverings.

Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that, when heated, expands up to 10 times its original volume offering high thermal and acoustic insulating properties. Vermiculite wall coverings are heat and flame retardant, making them ideal for use on chimney breasts and around fireplaces where exposure to heat is unavoidable.

Due to Vermiculite’s ability to absorb humidity, it reduces dampness and condensation thus reducing potential mould growth which can be found on other wall coverings. It can be applied to solid walls or plasterboard constructions and offers thermal and acoustic insulation properties, reducing heat loss and enhancing sound insulation.


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