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From £29.99

Purchase by the square metre for an incredible £29.99! or by the roll for £420* (Just £25 per square metre! Unbeatable anywhere!). Purchasing by the roll makes potential savings of over £300! For orders over 10 rolls, contact us for our bulk trade discount.

*The total coverage provided by a whole roll is 16.7sqm.

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This beautiful and tactile wall covering combines neat cushions of alternating dusky lilac and cool grey cotton cushions shot through with glittering strands of precious silver mica to create a rich tapestry fit for royalty. Perfect for an accent or statement wall in a living room, dining room or bedroom, this subtle design with its on-trend pastel colours which suggest its precious namesake adds interest to a plain white room and is the ideal backdrop to floral accessories and furnishings. Although subtle enough for every day, the silver strands are vibrant enough to pick out the light in even the smallest of rooms to add the illusion of depth. The delicate yet hard-wearing fabric composition adds a softness and texture which perfectly accentuates the sparkling silver for an eye catching and pretty addition to a room. The unique composition of this wall covering can also help to insulate a room as well as adding style and a touch of luxurious colour.




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*Actual product colour can vary.

• Total coverage – 16.7m2
• Durable and eco friendly
• Easy application

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