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Arabian Sand

From £29.99

Purchase by the square metre for an incredible £29.99! or by the roll for £420* (Just £25 per square metre! Unbeatable anywhere!). Purchasing by the roll makes potential savings of over £300! For orders over 10 rolls, contact us for our bulk trade discount.

*The total coverage provided by a whole roll is 16.7sqm.

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Arabian Sand

Evocative of exotic lands and faraway deserts, this cool and gently shimmering wall covering brings the glamour of Arabian nights to your home. Uniquely designed using semi-precious minerals vermiculite and mica, this wall covering is formed from layers of cool grey and old gold coloured chips in different shapes and sizes for a pleasing pebble effect, offset against varying shades of gold to produce a touchable and eye-catching design suitable for any room, however large or small. Classy and unique, the metallic chips in this wallcovering pick out even the smallest amount of light in a room while the mellow old gold colouring is perfect either for a full room or for a statement wall. With its innovative design and use of semi-precious minerals, Arabian Sand looks fabulous and, as well as additional insulative properties, is highly heat resistant making it an elegant addition to a chimney wall or fireplace for added versatility. Try adding Arabian Sand to a room featuring rich green colour block walls to really make the golden chips sparkle.    









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*Actual product colour can vary.

• Total coverage – 16.7m2
• Durable and eco friendly
• Easy application

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