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Purchase by the square metre for an incredible £29.99! or by the roll for £420* (Just £25 per square metre! Unbeatable anywhere!). Purchasing by the roll makes potential savings of over £300! For orders over 10 rolls, contact us for our bulk trade discount.

*The total coverage provided by a whole roll is 16.7sqm.

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Bring the night sky indoors with this stunning and richly textured wall covering. Tiny chips of dark granite and light grey mica are beautifully interwoven and shot through with flecks of stunning silver to create a dramatic and unusual addition to a room. Pleasing and moreish to the touch, the dark tones of this wall covering will complement any room whilst the bright silver accents will catch even the tiniest amount of light making it perfect for smaller rooms and narrow hallways and spaces. The unique composition of this wall covering from two semi-precious minerals give it a hardwearing, insulative and heat resistant quality rarely found in a wall covering – so much so that Milky Way is even suitable for no-go areas such as chimneys and fireplaces. With its depth of texture and colour, Milky Way is ideal for use on a statement or accent wall against clean white for a sophisticated modern look, or bold block colours to add cool style to a trendy city apartment.









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*Actual product colour can vary.

• Total coverage – 16.7m2
• Durable and eco friendly
• Easy application

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