Easy Application

Follow our handy installation guide to ensure a perfect finish to your wall covering every time.

In just 4 simple steps you can transform your home into a luxury heaven with our sparkly wallpaper!

, Application Instructions

Our Simple 4-Step Guide

1)   Inspection of Roll
a.  We make every effort to ensure our wallcoverings are perfect, but variations sometimes occur as
vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral
b.  Before hanging, check rolls are undamaged and that they have the same serial number, check
colour and design prior
c.  Please keep the packaging until decorating is complete, we will require them all if you have a
d.  If the wall coverings are faulty, please return any defect roll(s) in its original packaging

2)   Preparation
a.  Prepare walls by removing all traces of dirt, old wallpaper, loose paint etc.
b.  Wash the surface and fill in any holes
c.  Painted wall surfaces should be roughened with fine sandpaper
d.  Absorbent surfaces, e.g. new plaster, should be sized

3)  Pasting
a. We recommend using 4 parts high strength pre-mixed wall paper paste mixed in with 1 part PVA
b. Cut the lengths to size, according to the height of the wall, allowing margin at the top and bottom
for trimming
c.  Generously paste the wall with a surface covering no wider than the width of each wallpaper roll
(……cm). Paste one length at a time and not the entire target area.
d.  Lightly dampen the back of the wallpaper with water using a sponge to allow the paper to be
moved if adjustment is required.
e.  Hang the wallpaper to the wall overlapping the wallpaper by 3cm ready for splicing, carefully
avoiding getting any paste on the wallpaper that is being overlapped

4)  Hanging
a.  Hang the paper vertically using a plumb line or the first length. Smooth the paper evenly onto
the surface with a paper hanging brush from the centre to the edge to expel air bubbles
b.  For best results overlap the wallpaper by 3cm, then cut vertically down the middle of the overlap
using a sharp knife or joint cutter to hide the wallpaper edges. We highly recommend our product to
be installed by an experienced decorator. Always hang wallpaper in the same direction to minimise
colour variations
c.  Carefully wipe off any excess paste from the surface of the paper immediately
d.  We suggest that the wallpaper can dry out naturally and therefore recommend that the central
heating is turned off in the room until this has taken place.