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Stylish Texture

Turn any room into a winter wonderland with our beautiful and oh-so-touchable textured wall coverings made from a unique combination of precious minerals. With their pretty pearly finish shot through with flecks of dramatic black, our wall coverings’ subtle shimmer makes them ideal for brightening up hallways or adding eye-catching accents to a feature wall.

Make A Statement

Perfect by themselves, the designs are particularly effective when used as a statement wall in a room dominated by bright block colours to add a touch of luxurious glamour. Naturally hard wearing and heat resistant, our wall coverings are created from two naturally occurring minerals – vermiculite for its insulating and heat retardant properties, and mica – a quartz and granite hybrid that adds a lustrous 3D sparkle to the finish. Vermiculite is produced by the weathering or hydrothermal alteration of biotite or phlogopite to create an absorbent, heat resistant material and mica is created when a mineral is formed from a chemical reaction between quartz and granite. Together, these two natural minerals create a remarkably beautiful and tough covering that can be applied to walls, fireplaces, and chimney breasts. The world is your oyster with our uniquely created and stunning wall coverings.