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Dewy Champagne

From £29.98

Purchase by the square metre for an incredible £29.99! or by the roll for £420* (Just £25 per square metre! Unbeatable anywhere!). Purchasing by the roll makes potential savings of over £300! For orders over 10 rolls, contact us for our bulk trade discount.

*The total coverage provided by a whole roll is 16.7sqm.

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Dewy Champagne

You can almost hear those champagne bubbles fizz and pop as you gaze upon the sophisticated sparkle of this new and innovative wall covering with its classic design and unique composition. In a classic champagne shade with chips of effervescent mica, this cleverly designed wallcovering catches and reflects a mellow golden light, even in the smallest and darkest of rooms. With its pleasing tactile finish and uneven pattern of sparkling chips, Dewy Champagne is mellow enough for a whole room but glamorous enough for an accent wall when teamed with bold, block colours. In addition to its great looks, the unique composition of this wallcovering is made from naturally occurring minerals, meaning it can add insulation to a room and is highly resistant to heat. Unlike other wallpapers and coverings, Dewy Champagne can even be applied to chimney walls and fireplaces for extra versatility and convenience.   









Roll Dimensions












*Actual product colour can vary.

• Total coverage – 16.7m2
• Durable and eco friendly
• Easy application

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